En marzo de 2015, el grupo de nikkeis norteamericanos Tsukimi Kai visitó a la comunidad de descendientes de Pinar del Río. También hubo intercambios con nikkeis de La Habana, Surgidero de Batabanó, e Isla de Pinos.

“The word ‘tsukimi’ suggests the circumstance of people divided by distance yet appreciating the beauty of the same bright moon. Tsukimi Kai is an intergenerational group of predominately Nikkei artists, performers, educators, and scholars who share a goal to explore and celebrate the parallel histories of Japanese Cubans and Japanese Americans. By reaching across boundaries of history and politics, they have exchanged stories of shared migrations from Japan and adapting to a new land”. (www.discovernikkei.org)

(Fotos cortesía de Kenji Iwasaki)