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On August 11, 2013, Cuban nisei Francisco Miyasaka talked about Japanese immigration to Cuba, at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto.  He shared family stories, some of them were funny, others sad, and he also provided historical information about the Cuban Japanese community.  Most important perhaps was the fruitful exchange of experiences that produced his visit to the Centre  (a visit that was kindly arranged by George Hewson and Peter Wakayama, who are members of the Centre's Japanese Canadian Legacy Project).  It was a way to mutually acknowledge common and not so common experiences as Cuban and Canadian people of Japanese descent.


El 11 de agosto de 2013, el nisei cubano Francisco Miyasaka ofreció una charla sobre la inmigración japonesa a Cuba, en el Centro Cultural Japonés Canadiense de Toronto. Compartió anécdotas familiares, algunas alegres, otras tristes, así como información histórica sobre la comunidad cubano-japonesa. El encuentro (que George Hewson amablemente coordinó) resultó en un valioso intercambio de experiencias, y permitió el reconocimiento de similitudes y diferencias entre las comunidades cubano-japonesa y japonesa-canadiense.